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Title: Enhance Method of Facilities Transport Student Service in North Sumatera
Authors: Lubis, Maksum Syahri
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Kadir, Abdul
Siregar, Nina Siti Salamiah
Keywords: enhance service;transportation student mebidang
Issue Date: 9-Sep-2019
Publisher: International Journal in Physical and Applied Sciences
Abstract: The most important role in transportation step activities, activities, and everything supporting the basic needs of the community. Includes basic activities such as agriculture, economy, industry, tourism is a very activity involves transportation. This is in line at a population growth rate that is increasing, so demands the quality of public transportation is insistent separate for the government. Districts Medan Province of North Sumatera has several the problem regarding public transportation is wrong only one occurs on the basis of the number of vehicles services in Medan are 305,838 units that are dominated by motorbikes totaling 270,428 units (BPS 2013). The aim research is (1) communication indicators, (2) resource indicators, (3) disposition indicators, and (4) indicators of bureaucratic structures which is used to view the Implementation of Trans mebidang Transportation Program in medan District. The results of this study indicate Trans Mebidang in Medan regency is still not running optimally. It is seen from the four indicators that only communications indicators that have been implemented properly, while the indicators of resources, dispositions, and bureaucratic structures are still not running maximally.
ISSN: 23945710
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