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Title: Analisa Kekuatan Statik Tarik Material Komposit Polimer Serat Buah Pinang Dengan Perlakuan Perendaman Larutan NaOH 1 M1%
Authors: Zulfikar
Keywords: polymeric composite;nut fiber
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Jurnal Mekintek
Abstract: Polymeric composite material reinforced fiber is an engineering material that widely used because it has elastic properties and easy to shape. The use of natural fibers is a good alternative to produce environmentally friendly products. Fiber of nut is one alternative that can be used for this purpose because it has a lot of raw material availability in Indonesia. The use of these fibers requires further research to study the characteristics of the fiber. The treatment of the fiber must be done to reduce the content of materials that can spoil of the strength of composites perform. The objection of this research was (1) to get the effect of soaking treatment of acid solution on the strength of polymeric composites reinforced nut fiber, and (2) to get the value of the modulus of elasticity of polymeric composites reinforced nut fiber due to static tensile loads. Testing is done using standard of ASTM test D-638. The number of specimens to be tested is 20 specimens and the variation were 5 pieces of each specimen in each treatment soaking of NaOH for 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours and 8 hours. The result is that the soaking effect of the acid solution that is too long will reduce the performance of the mechanical strength of the resulting polymer composites. The minimum strength contained in the composite that has soaking treatment for 8 hours, ie 14.72 MPa and maximum strength was in soaking treatment for 2 hours was 19.62 MPa. The magnitude of E minimum was on 8 hour soaking treatment, which is 500 MPa, and the maximum E contained in soaking treatment 2 hours, which is 667 MPa.
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