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Title: The Role Of Villages in Corruption Prevention Budget For Covid-19 Handling And Prevention Funds In North Sumatera
Other Titles: Covid-19 Effects on Law and Economic Aspect
Authors: Amri, Rizkan Zulyadi
Sitorus, Nanang Tomi
Keywords: role of the village;corruption;covid-19
Issue Date: Jun-2020
Publisher: International Proceeding of Law and Economic
Abstract: Prevention and handling of Covid-19 in North Sumatra requires a very large budget. The funds intendedfor the public need to be supervised in the distribution ofassistance so that coruttption does not occur. Theform of prmishment imposed on perpetrators of criminal acts of corrtqttion during this pandemic is the cleath penaltlt in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. The purpose of this research was caruied 6ut because the budget allocatedfor handling Covid-19 by the government was very large, so it is necessaty to huve a ntonitoring systent by all parties so that there is no criminal act ofcorruption. The type ofresearch used is normative jttridical research and the nature of the research used is descriptfue analytical. Based on the restlts ofthe research, the budget transparency offundsfor people affected b1t the Covid-19 ptntdenic lta.s been carried out with the right target and transparency for the people affected by Covid-19.
ISSN: 9786236763070
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