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Title: Influence of Number Of Mold Cavity Vents on Wire Sweep in PBGA Encapsulation: FSI-MpCCI Simulation
Other Titles: Pengaruh Jumlah Ventilasi Rongga Cetakan Terhadap Wire Sweep Pada Enkapsulasi PBGA: Simulasi FSI-MpCCI
Authors: Ramdan, Dadan
Khor, Chu Yee
Abdillah, Mohd. Zulkifli
Keywords: fluid structure interaction;mesh based parallel code coupling interface;castro macosko model;epoxy molding compound
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Proceedings of Quality in Research (QIR)
Abstract: this paper present three dimensional (3D0 fluid structure interaction (FSI) technique using mesh based parallel code coupling interface (MpCCI0 for the visualization of wire sweep during encapsulation of plastic ball grid array (PBGA) package. the effect of number of mold cavity vents on the melt flow behavior wire sweep and pressure and stress distributions are mainly studied. the 3D model of mold and wires are created using gambit, and the fluid flow and structure are simulated using fluent and abaqus integrated with mpcci. makalah ini menyajikan teknik tiga dimensi (3D0 fluid structure interaction (FSI) menggunakan mesh based parallel code coupling interface (MpCCI0 untuk visualisasi wire sweep selama enkapsulasi paket plastic ball grid array (PBGA). perilaku aliran lelehan sapuan kawat dan distribusi tekanan dan tegangan terutama dipelajari.model 3D cetakan dan kabel dibuat menggunakan gambit, dan aliran dan struktur fluida disimulasikan menggunakan fasih dan abaqus yang terintegrasi dengan mpcci.
Description: 11 Pages
ISSN: 1411-1284
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