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Title: Pengaruh Kelembaban Bahan Bakar Campuran Fiber dan Cangkang Terhadap Efisiensi Boiler
Other Titles: Effect of Fiber and Shell Mixed Fuel Moisture On Boiler Efficiency
Authors: Badawi, Muammar Khalid
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Idris, Muhammad
Nasution, Amirsyam
Keywords: boiler;efisiensi;kelembaban;nilai kalor bahan bakar;boiler;efficiency;humidity;calorific value of fuel
Issue Date: 23-Dec-2020
Publisher: Universitas Medan Area
Series/Report no.: NPM;168130082
Abstract: Beberapa faktor yang mempengaruhi nilai efisiensi boiler ialah nilai kelembaban bahan bakar boiler, dimana nilai kelembaban bahan bakar sangat berpengaruh terhadap efisiensi, nilai kalor dan jumlah bahan bakar yang di gunakan, semakin besar nilai kelembabannya maka semakin besar pula bahan bakar yang di butuhkan boiler dan semakin kecil pula kalor bahan bakar tersebut. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah mengetahui rasio kelembaban dan pengaruh kelembaban bahan bakar terhadap efisiensi boiler, efisiensi boiler untuk setiap kelembaban bahan bakar memiliki nilai efisiensi yang berbeda dimana nilai efisiensi tertinggi dimiliki oleh bahan bakar setelah di keringkan dengan nilai kelembaban 48% dimana efisiensi boiler mencapai 75% sedangkan nilai efisiensi boiler terendah dimiliki oleh bahan bakar sebelum dikeringkan dengan kelembaban 71% dan efisiensi boilernya mencapai 66%, selain itu kelembaban bahan bakar juga berpengaruh terhadap jumlah bahan bakar yang di butuhkan boiler. jumlah bahan bakar yang dihabiskan untuk efisinsi 75% dan 66% sangat berbeda, Dimana nilai efisiensi boiler 75% dengan kelembaban 48% menghabiskan bahan bakar sebanyak 0,30 kg/s sedangkan efisiensi 66% dengan kelembaban 71% menghabiskan bahan bakar sebanyak 0,34 kg/s, selisih bahan bakar boiler perdetiknya mencapai 0,04 kg/s sedangkan perjamnya mencapai 144 kg/jam. Some of the factors that affect the value of boiler efficiency are the humidity value of the boiler fuel, where the humidity value greatly affects the efficiency and the amount of fuel used, the greater the humidity value, the greater the fuel needed by the boiler. The purpose of this study is to determine the ratio of humidity and the effect of boiler fuel humidity on boiler efficiency, boiler efficiency for each fuel humidity has a different efficiency value where the highest efficiency value is owned by the fuel after drying with a humidity value of 48% where boiler efficiency reaches 75% while the lowest boiler efficiency value is owned by the fuel before drying with 71% humidity and the boiler efficiency reaches 66%, besides that the humidity of the fuel also affects the amount of fuel needed by the boiler. The amount of fuel spent for efficiency 75% and 66% is very different, where the value of 75% boiler efficiency with 48% humidity consumes as much as 0.30 kg / s of fuel while 66% efficiency with 71% humidity consumes fuel as much as 0.34 kg / s, the difference in boiler fuel per second reaches 0.04 kg / s while the hourly reaches 144 kg / hour.
Description: 48 Halaman
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