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Title: The Effect of Administratering River Tamarind Leaf Compost and Rice Husk Charcoal on the Growth and Yield of Yardlong Beans (Vigna Sinensis L.)
Authors: Lubis, Rido Anugrah
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Mardiana, Siti
Indrawati, Asmah
Keywords: long bean plants;lamtoro;leaves;rice husk charcoal
Issue Date: 14-Jun-2021
Publisher: Universitas Medan Area
Series/Report no.: NPM;168210061
Abstract: Rido Anugrah Lubis. 168210061. Long beans (Vigna Sinensis L) is a type of legume vegetable that is widely cultivated in Indonesia. In recent years, there has been a lot of demand both at home and abroad, where the demand has not been fulfilled, but the cultivation of long bean vegetables has not been carried out intensively even though public demand for this commodity is increasing and even export opportunities are increasingly open. Provision of organic matter is an effort to increase plant productivity. Lamtoro leaves and rice husk charcoal can increase the growth and production of long beans. Using a randomized block design with 2 factors. The first factor is the administration of lamtoro leaves at a dose (0, 10, 20, 30 tons/ha) and the second factor is the administration of rice husk charcoal at a dose (0, 10, 20, 30 tons/ha). Parameters observed were plant height, stem diameter, flowering age, sample weight, plot weight. Lamtoro leaf compost treatment had a very significant effect on the parameters of plant height, stem diameter, while the parameters of flowering age and production showed no significant results. Rice husk charcoal treatment had a significant effect on plant height parameters, while stem diameter, flowering, production showed no significant results. The interaction of lamtoro leaf compost and rice husk charcoal did not significantly affect all treatments.
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