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Title: Dampak Kehadiran Pasar Modern Maju Bersama Terhadap Pendapatan Pedagang Pasar Tradisional MMTC
Other Titles: The Impact of the Presence of Modern Markets Moving Together on the Income of MMTC Traditional Market Traders
Authors: Handayani, Fitri
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Saleh, Khairul
Keywords: traditional traders;pedagang tradisional;modern market;pasar modern;impact;dampak;income;pendapatan
Issue Date: 20-Apr-2022
Publisher: Universitas Medan Area
Series/Report no.: NPM;168220011
Abstract: The market is a place where transactions of goods are carried out by more than one seller and buyer. Traditional markets and modern markets are often located in one area close together. This will have an impact on traditional market traders. The impact of the existence of modern markets on traditional markets is in terms of a decrease in the income of traditional traders. This study aims to determine the impact of the presence of the Maju Bersama modern market on the income of MMTC traditional market traders. This research was carried out at the MMTC market, Percut Sei Tuan district in August 2021 with a total sample of 30 traditional market traders at MMTC who were taken by purposive sampling method. While the data collection method using questionnaires and interviews. The results showed that there was an influence on the income of traditional market traders at MMTC Market, Percut Sei Tuan District with the existence of the Maju Bersama modern market. The income of traditional market traders after the presence of the Maju Bersama modern market resulted in a decrease in income of 7.51%. The average income of traditional traders before the Maju Bersama modern market was Rp 2,063,333, and after the Maju Bersama modern market it was Rp 1,908,333. Sales of traditional traders after the existence of the Maju Bersama modern market decreased by 11.26%. The decline in sales of traditional traders has more impact on fruit sales, while buyers still choose to buy vegetables at traditional traders. Pasar adalah tempat terjadinya transaksi barang yang dilakukan oleh lebih dari satu penjual dan pembeli. Pasar tradisional dan pasar modern sering berada dalam satu wilayah yang berdekatan. Hal tersebut akan berdampak pada pedagang pasar tradisional Dampak dari keberadaan pasar modern pada pasar tradisional adalah dari segi penurunan pendapatan pedagang tradisional. Penelitian ini untuk mengetahui dampak kehadiran pasar modern Maju Bersama terhadap pendapatan pedagang pasar tradisional MMTC. Penelitian ini dilaksanakan di pasar raya MMTC Kecamatan Percut Sei Tuan pada bulan Agustus 2021 dengan jumlah sampel pedagang pasar tradisional di MMTC ada sebanyak 30 orang yang diambil dengan metode purposive sampling. Sedangkan metode pengambilan data menggunakan kuesioner dan wawancara. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan adanya pengaruh pendapatan pedagang pasar tradisional di Pasar MMTC Kecamatan Percut Sei Tuan dengan adanya pasar modern Maju Bersama. Pendapatan pedagang pasar tradisional setelah kehadiran pasar modern Maju Bersama berdampak penurunan pendapatan sebesar 7,51%. Rata-rata pendapatan pedagang tradisional sebelum adanya pasar modern Maju Bersama sebesar Rp 2.063.333, dan setelah ada pasar modern Maju Bersama menjadi Rp 1.908.333. Penjualan pedagang tradisional setelah adanya pasar modern Maju Bersama mengalami penurunan mencapai 11,26%. Penurunan penjualan pedagang tradisional tersebut lebih berdampak pada penjualan buah, sedangkan pembeli masih memilih membeli sayuran di pedagang tradisional.
Description: 82 Halaman
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