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Title: Comparison between the Nominal Loss in 3%SiFe and Amorphous Transformer Core Materials
Authors: Maizana, Dina
Abdullah, Shuhaimi Zakaria
Keywords: flux density;flux leakage;harmonic distortion
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland
Series/Report no.: Advanced Materials Research;Vol 626 (2013)
Abstract: An investigation of nomonal loss in 3%SiFe and amorphous of the transformer core materials will evaluate in this paper. The investigation involves the variation of power loss, flux leakage, and total harmonic distortion. The nominal loss has been measured using epstein test frame with three layers of lamintation. The loss in the amorphous transformer core material is 57,46% better than the transforner core with 3% SiFe Materials at flux density of 1.2T, 50Hz. The flux leakage at vorner in the 3% SiFe transformer core material is the lowest than the two of transformer core material, over the whole flux density range. Total harmonic distortion flux is the largest in the amorphous of transformer core materials and the smallest in the 3% SiFe of transformer core material. Using the amorphous material in the transformer core is more efficient than two of transformer core materials.
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