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Title: Palm Oil as The Cooling Liquid in Single Phase Transformer for Better Efficiency
Authors: Zaidi, A A H
Hussin, N
Maizana, Dina
Keywords: high voltage;transformer oil;palm oil;insulation oil;vegetable oil
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland
Series/Report no.: Applied Mechanics and Materials;Vol.793
Abstract: The important purpose of mineral oil in transformer is to be insulant and it is role of being a coolant. Petroleum based oil is commonly used because it has a good dielectric strenght and cooling performance. However, the application of mineral oil brings negative impact to the environtment such as oil spills, leakage, explosion and soon petroleum based oil will be running out for future generatio used. Thus, vegetable oil is chosen as an alternative to raplce mineral oil for transformer insulation liquid.
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