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dc.contributor.authorBaizuri, Sri-
dc.description93 Halamanen_US
dc.description.abstractPenelitian ini bertujuan untuk mcngetahui hubungan Kompetensi Sosial dan Kompctcnsi Pedagogik dengan Profcsional Guru l)i Sekolah Jnklusif Banda Aceh. Bcrdasarkan berbagai landasan teoritis maka hipotesis yang ada dalam pcnclitian adalah ada hubungan positif antara kompetensi sosial dan kompeteusi pcdagogik dengan protcsional guru. Dcngan asumsi scmakin positif kompetensi sosial dan k<.lmpctcnsi pedagogik maka setH akin baik pula profcsional guru. Penelitian ini mcnggunakan skala kompctcnsi sosial dcngan koefisicn rcliabi litas sebesar = 0. 795, skala kompetensi pcdagogik dengan kocfisien reliabilitas sebcsar 0.851 . dan ska la profesional dcngan koefisien rcliabilitas sebesar = 0.892, dapat dikatakan reliabel. Teknik analisis yang digunakan ada lah lelmik nnal isis reg1·esi berganda. Oengan hasil kocfisien korelas1 antara kompctcnsi sosial dan kompetensi pcdagogik dengan profcsional, diperolch kocfisien F = 54.732 dan p - 0.000 atau p < 0.05. This study aims to determine the relationship between Social Competence and Pedagogical Competence with Professional Teachers l)i Banda Inclusive School aceh. Based on various theoretical foundations, the existing hypotheses are Research shows that there is a positive relationship between social competence and competence pedagogical with teacher professionalism. With the assumption that competence is more positive social and pedagogical skills, the teacher's professionalism will also be better. This study uses a social competence scale with a reliability coefficient = 0.795, the pedagogic competency scale with a reliability coefficient of 0.851 . and a professional scale with a reliability coefficient of = 0.892, can said to be reliable. The analysis technique used is analysis analysis analysis double. With the coefficient correlation results1 between social competence and pedagogic competence with professional competence, obtained coefficient F = 54.732 and p - 0.000 or p < 0.05.en_US
dc.publisherUniversitas Medan Areaen_US
dc.subjectprofesional guruen_US
dc.subjectkompetensi sosial dan kompetensi pedagogiken_US
dc.subjectsocial competence and pedagogical competenceen_US
dc.titleHubungan Kompetensi Sosial Dan Kompetensi Pedagogik Dengan Profesional Guru Di Sekolah Inklusif Banda Acehen_US
dc.title.alternativeThe Relationship between Social Competence and Pedagogic Competence with Teacher Professionals in Banda Aceh's Inclusive Schoolsen_US
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