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Title: Analisa Perencanaan Dimensi Tulangan Perkerasan Kaku STA 42+750+STA 47+600 Pada Ruas Jalan Tol Kualanamu - Tebing Tinggi
Authors: Naibaho, Martyannawa Vinhanggi
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Irwan
Ardau, Malloukey
Keywords: rigid pavement, pavement thickness analysis
Issue Date: Sep-2017
Publisher: Universitas Medan Area
Abstract: Toll road is an alternative way to overcome traffic jams or to shorten the distance from one place to another. Toll roads include the classification of arterial roads that serve high traffic volumes and the configuration of heavy vehicles. Given the high traffic conditions and the impact on the development of toll road users, it seems that the construction of this toll road is necessary. Directorate General of Highways, Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing, cq. Project Manager of Medan- Kualanamu Toll Road Construction (Employer) as Project Manager will build new toll road. The new toll road is to connect the Medan- Kualanamu- Tebing Tinggi Highway to the KNIA airport. The thickness of the rigid pavement layer using the method of Pd T-14- 2003. The principle of this method is the principle of fatigue (fatique) where the ratio between the bending stress of the concrete that occurs due to the wheel load and the flexural strength of the concrete decreases then the number of repetition loading until collapse (failure) will increase. From the calculation results obtained thickness of rigid pavement layer as thick as 28 cm and for reinforcement used reinforcement diameter 12 mm with a distance of 25 cm between reinforcement as much as 21 bars and reinforcement bars used reinforced diameter 12 mm with a distance of 25 cm between reinforcement as much as 21 stems. While the data obtained from the thickness of the plywood used as thick as 30 cm and using a diameter of 12 mm in the elongated and transverse reinforcement
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