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Title: The Application of Criminal Sanctions Againts the Perspetrators of the Domestic Violence Crime
Authors: Hasibuan, H.A Lawali
Keywords: criminal sanction;crime domestic violence
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: The law was created to protect the public interest. One of the prevailing norms in the society, the rule of law must be fortified by firm sanctions for the perpetrators of offenders. The law must be enforced, law enforcement can only be done in the form of application of the law, but can also be carried creation of law. Country through law enforcement and in particular the application of sanctions for the perpetrators of the crime of domestic violence, is still far from desirable, because of the many cases, the sentences given to the perpetrators of the crime of domestic violence, is still in a minimum standard. Such the sentences, has not spawned a deterrent effect for offenders and also for the community.
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