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Title: Balanced Scorecard Untuk Organisasi Pemerintah
Authors: Lubis, Maksum Syahri
Keywords: bureaucracy reform;balance scorecard
Issue Date: Oct-2009
Publisher: Fakultas Ilmu SOsial dan Ilmu Politik - Universitas Medan Area
Abstract: It is acknowledged that successful or not to hold the government in implementation shall be measured bases to the governance performance especially in the development lime to time. In shortly, this performance in assessment at least should be measured also according to the effectiveness, efficieney, and also ptoductiVity (EEP), this all later shall be finished on the a public-accountability measure. The public accountability in many ways is very easy to know. The control for this public interest as in generally shall be come from the student quality run, also with the students, NGO(S) available, mass organization, political organization and political party, press, and business-community. The support in whole to the government program shall be oriented to the governance and also priority on the development as priority, and for this can be measured on the quality of public policy taken. For every public policy as a"anged is suggested bases to the public interest in aspiration, to provide it together and according to public request, and also for society in all.
ISSN: 20850328
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