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Title: Analisa Mekanik Penyebab Kegagalan Concentrator Bowl Lock Ring ada Alat Centrifuge di PPK Kebun Mambang Muda
Authors: Zulfikar
Keywords: lock ring;failure mechanics;yield strength;material composition
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Jurnal Mekintek
Abstract: This research is an investigation into the cause of the failure on the part of the Bowl Concentrator Centrifuge tool. Centrifuge is latex and water separator in the rubber processing plant (PPK). The centrifuge type is LRH 410 that just operates approximately 247 hours of work with working volume 410 liters / hour. The failure happened on the centrifuge no. 8, which is characterized by the loss of lock ring on the concentrator bowl after working for 15 minutes. The research objections are (1) determine the tensile strength of the material, (2) hardness of materials, and (3) the composition of the materials for the failure lock ring that is compared to the standard lock ring (good). The research included visiting sites to the scene to collect initial data failures and send samples to the Central Laboratory of Impact and Fracture Materials Research Center, USU. Tensile testing is done using the metric system E8M-99 ASTM standards. Hardness test using The Brinell hardness test method. Analysis of the microstructure on the lock ring (specimen) aims to determine the microstructure of the specimen. Tensile test results obtained that the yield strength of the material lock ring to fail only 57% of the yield strength of the lock ring comparison. Based on material hardness test shows that the locks ring that has failed hardness values and lower fatigue strength than the material lock ring comparison. Based on the test results obtained by the composition of that material that failed to lock ring has a lower hardness compared to the reference material. Thus the lock ring material that fails will wear faster.
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