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Title: Pengaruh Permainan Kotak Multifungsi Terhadap Motorik Halus dan Kreativitas Anak Paud Kelompok Bermain Gembira Kelurahan Karya Jaya Kota Tebing Tinggi
Authors: Dayanti, Evi
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Lubis, Lahmuddin
Munir, Abdul
Keywords: Permainan Kotak Multifungsi;Motorik Halus Kreativitas;Anak Usia DIni
Issue Date: Aug-2019
Publisher: Universitas Medan Area
Abstract: This stady aims (1) to determine the elfect of the multifunctional box gameon the development offine motor skills and the creativity of KB, Joyful Children in Tebing Tinggi City {2) To find out the knowledge af the game on the Multifunction Box on the development of the Creativity of KB Joyful Children in the TebingTinggi City. Research subjects were determined randomly. A totat of 20 people from class B were then divided into 2 groups. This study uses quantitative experimental research, with quasi-experimental research designs. Penelitian ini bertujuan (1) untuk mengetahui Pengaruh Pemainan Kotak Multifungsi terhadap perkembangan Motorik halus dan Kreativitas Anak PAUD KB gembira Kota Tebing Tinggi.(2) untuk mengetahui pengetahuan permainan kotak multifungsi terhadap perkembangan kreativitas anak PAUD KB Gembira Kota Tebing Tinggi.
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