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Title: Pembangunan Pelat Atap Reservoir Lau Bengklewang (Proyek Ws-9) Pdam Tirtanadi Medan
Other Titles: Construction of Lau Bengklewang Reservoir Roof Plate (Ws-9 Project) PDAM Tirtanadi Medan
Authors: Silaban, Parulian
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Keywords: pelat atap reservoir lau bengklewang (proyek ws-9);Lau Bengklewang Reservoir Roof Plate (WS-9 Project)
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Universitas Medan Area
Series/Report no.: NPM;068110066
Abstract: Dalam tugas akhir ini pemban... atap Reservoir dilakukan dengan mengikuti tahapan dasar yaitu : a. Reservoir ini memepunya 3 kamar masing-masing, kamar menampung air =400m3. b. Perencanaan penampungan air, kubikasi air 15,67 x 46,2 x 8,6 = 627,991 ~ 6228 m3. c. Idenya perencanaan yaitu memastikan bahwa pembangunan tersebut tidak alqm menimbulkan kerugian masyarakat. In this final project, the construction of the Reservoir roof is carried out using follow the basic stages, namely: a. This reservoir has 3 rooms each, the rooms hold water =400m3. b. Water storage planning, water cubication 15.67 x 46.2 x 8.6 = 627,991 ~ 6228 m3. c. The idea of ​​planning is to ensure that development does not occur alqm causes losses to society.
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