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Title: Hubungan Sistem Pengupahan dengan Tingkat Kesejahteraan Buruh di PT. (Persero) Pelindo I Cabang Gunungsitoli
Authors: Lase, Alberth Yasokhi
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Suhaidi
Keywords: pengupahan;buruh pelabuhan
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Universitas Medan Area
Abstract: The wage problem in Indonesian are very apprhensive socio-economically, in which the labors are unable to meet their household daily needs because of low wages, on the other hand, they have no bargaining position juridically because of limited knowledge concerning to the regulation in manpower field. The regulation of manpower ministry No. Per. 06/MEN/1985 about the daily labor's protection affirms that daily workers are the workers who work for the entrepreneurs in order to perform certain activities and may changeable in time or work volumes by receiving wages based on labor's daily in the research location at PT (Persero) Pelindo I Gunungsitoli. From above description, it is given the problem formula that: (1) How the law arrangement to the labor's wage according to regulation number 13 year 2003 about manpower? ; (2) How the law protection to the labour related to payment wages in industrial relation at PT (Persero) Pelindo I Gunungsitoli branch?. By using the normative yuridical law method implementing deskriptif analitis, then the researcher may conclude that: (1) The Law arrangement to the labor' wages according to the regulation number 13 year 2003 about manpower at Gunungsitoli harbour is implented didn't fairly. The wages didn't corresponded to legimate regulation. The wages are late and sometimes delayed. This is not provide to the each workers' household, and didn't create a good relationship between each workers and the supervisors (The Chief of Operational) or PT (Persero) Pelindo I Gunungsitoli Nias Branch Harbour party. (2) The Law protection for the !arbour related to the wages payment hasn't act upon official rule and regulary according to the valid rule of regulation. The manakgement party hasn't fullfils the larbour rights, inculding normative and non-normative rights of workers who work in PT (Persero) Pelindo I GunungsitoliBarnch, such as the wages not suitable with the Province Minimum Wages {UMP), not a: ailable labor social guarantee (Jamsostek), health facilities and work safety, etc. This is shows that PT (Persero) Pelindo I Gunungsitoli Branch hasn't aware and not implement various responbilities that arranged act upon law and correspond with the regulation number 3 year 1992 about the social guarantee of manpower, the regulation number 13 year 2003 about manpower, or the regulation number 2 year 2004 about the solution of industrial relation disparity. Immediately reform body of jurisdiction of labor dispute, so that enabled a labor get the fair service institlite the that labor jurisdiction have to be clean, quickly, simple process, cheap and limit in time. There is various model of jurisdiction labor in various States which can be taken for example. There must Pressure so budget for the sector of education in APBN improved, make cheap system education and instructor esteemed competently. Implication 40 million didn't have work in this time will become burden at least 25 year to the future, cause all this unemployed child added with the labor children only get the small fee and they're school just finish in Elementary School. Bringing 40 million people not educated in the year 2035 just become the big burden for this country later.
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