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Title: Rancang Bangun Alat Informasi Kode Error Mesin Game Berbasis Mikrokontroler
Authors: Candra, Novi
Keywords: LCD Display;Microcontroller;Machine Game;LDR Sensor;Error Code;Buzzer
Issue Date: 21-Aug-2016
Abstract: Fill out a coupon or a ticket is one of the activities that are often carried out in the arena of family games and often occur in the process of game play suddenly error, so that the customer will be busy to find and call the officer on guard. Therefore, to solve this problem is the automatic control system by making "Design tools Machine Error Code Information Game Based Microcontroller". Tool gaming machine error code information is very helpful in knowing if the tickets are sold out or not out, because this system works by passing through the ticket LDR sensor mounted on the dispenser tiker on gaming machines. In the process of designing this tool authors use experimental methods and design which is in the process of the experiment showed the overall equipment design, microcontroller applications to send information error codes gaming machine may work as expected because it can quickly find out the tickets are sold out machine error. Buzzer alarm notification will be active as tickets are sold out and the LCD will display the name of the game machine and the game engine error codes
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