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2013Comparison between the Nominal Loss in 3%SiFe and Amorphous Transformer Core MaterialsMaizana, Dina; Abdullah, Shuhaimi Zakaria-
Nov-2007Comparison on Loses and Flux Distribution between Two of 3 Phase Distribution Transformer core 3000 kVA Assembled with Different Angle of T-JointDaut, I; Maizana, Dina; Zakaria, S; Taib, S-
Dec-2007Comparison on Losses and Flux Distribution between Two 3-Phase Distribution Transformers 1000kVA Assembled with Air GAP and without Air GAP of Transformer Core LaminationDaut, I; Maizana, Dina; Zakaria, S; Taib, S-
2006Comparison of Losses and Flux Distribution in 3 Phase 100 kVA Distribution Transformers Assembled from Various Type of T Joint GeometryDaut, I; Maizana, Dina; Zakaria, S; Uthman, S; Taib, S-
Nov-2020Optimal Smart Grid Management System in Campus BuildingPutri, Syarifah Muthia; Maizana, Dina-
Jun-2010Flux Simulation on 100kVA Three-Phase Transformer CoreMaizana, Dina; Daut, I; Taib, S-
Jun-2012Evaluation of In plane Flux Distribution in 3Phase 100kVA Tranformer CoreMaizana, Dina-
2014Comparison Induced Voltage Between 0.35 mm and 0.50 mm thicknesses 3% SiFe (NG) with Different FrequencyMaizana, Dina; Yanawati, Y; Nazifah, A-
2014Effect Different Limb of Tranformer Core Assemble on PerformanceMaizana, Dina; Radzi, Mohd Afif Mohd; Hussin, N-
2015Palm Oil as The Cooling Liquid in Single Phase Transformer for Better EfficiencyZaidi, A A H; Hussin, N; Maizana, Dina-